Xi3 Motorguide

Xi3 Motorguide

MotorGuide releases new Xi3

MotorGuide’s newest release – the Xi3 – is the quietest and easiest to use motor in its class.

Indeed, rigorous testing has proven it to be up to 40% quieter than its nearest competitor.

But there’s a lot more to it than that.

MotorGuide’s latest offering also has wireless control straight out of the box, with a hand-held remote standard
on all models. So right from the start, anglers will be able fish from anywhere on the boat.

The SecureStep system also ensures the stowing and deploying the Xi3 is safe and easy. SecureStep lets users
release the motor form its locked position without having to reach over it, while providing a clear visual and
audible signal to confirm the motor is stowed and locked correctly.

The Xi3 also boasts the world class Pinpoint GPS module, which allows anglers to focus on the fishing while
taking advantage of amazing GPS functions like Anchor, Jog, Heading Lock, Route Record and more.

Available in 12- and 24-volt options with thrust ranging from 55 to 70 pounds, all Xi3 models are Lowrance
connectivity compatible.

Anglers also have the option of fresh water (black colour) or a saltwater (white colour) variants, along with the
choice of 48” - 60” (122-152cm) shaft lengths. A three-blade Machete propeller is included as standard with all
Xi3 models. Built in sonar is optional for selected motors.

Simply put, Xi3 is another great motor in the MotorGuide range that’s packed full of features;
• Available with the most accurate GPS
• Out-of-the-box wireless remote
• Lowrance connectivity compatible
• Stealthy operation (up to 40% quieter than the leading competitor)
• Freshwater and saltwater models
• Easy to use, stow and deploy


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