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L & R U-Bolt Heavy Duty Boat Latch - Model 103

L & R U-Bolt Heavy Duty Boat Latch - Model 103

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Heavy Duty - for boats over 6.5 meters (21') or boats with high work load: Heavy Duty

The Heavy Duty snare version is for large boats over 6.5M (21’). It is 33% bigger and whereas the standard snare rates a tensile strength of 4.7 tonnes, this heavy duty version is 7.5 tonnes.
Snare and Latch made from marine grade stainless steel.
If you have a boat that is smaller than 6.5 metres, and has a heavy workload or is subject to rough conditions/abuse, this may be a good option.

Pack Size: 423x290x 119 mm (17x12.5x4.5 inches) 
Weight: 4 Kgs (8.8lbs)

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